Some Recommendations for Wedding Dress Fashion Designers in Indonesia!

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Some Recommendations for Wedding Dress Fashion Designers in Indonesia!

Marriage is a sacred moment that is expected by a bride. When it’s a special day they want to look perfect. Celebrities and lay people are also willing to spend big money to appear with the best dress. That’s not wrong, because marriage is considered as one of the events that should only occur once in a lifetime.


According to the latest information In addition to weddings, pre-wedding photo sessions are now a trend offered by various promising wedding sites that contain news about your wedding party. Perfect on social media is also the reason why many people compete to display the most beautiful fashion dress and party themes.

In Indonesia, there are many names that have been known to design their wedding dresses. Anne Avantie is famous for her various delicacies. Meanwhile, Yohanes Bridal or Hian Tjen, which has long been known for its western-style wedding dress designs. Apart from these names, this time we will give you some names of designer local wedding dresses that you can inspire to perfect your appearance on your wedding day.

Myrna Myura

Myrna Myura is known for its modern style. Not only more modern, but this woman who is still a niece from senior dress designer Marga Alam is able to conjure up the look of traditional kebaya into a beautiful dress.

This work was also worn by actress and flower singer Citra Lestari during her marriage to Ashraf Sinclair a few years ago.

Who is The Best Wedding Dress Fashion Designer in Indonesia?

If you want a kebaya by Myrna Myrna, you can consult directly with it. Starting from the model, install sequins to prices. Myrna Myrna sets prices up to a dozen million rupiah for a bridal kebaya and Rp 3 million for an ordinary party kebaya.

Anggi Asmara

Anggi Asmara is one of the designers who are able to capture the hearts of traditional, national and international brides. This designer is able to work on various models of dresses and kebaya using typical Indonesian brocade.

From the typical Sundanese bride kebaya to the design model that can be compared to the world fashion house. She has ever done it. This designer also does not always play with white material as a dress or kebayanya. He did not hesitate to offer different colours such as bright green. Pink and even elegant black for the bride and groom who made the dress in its place.

Surya Abduh

If you want a wedding dress with a unique and modern model. Surya Abduh’s design can be one of your choices. The man who named his fashion house as the name implies since graduating from the Jakarta Art Institute to pursue the fashion world.

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Uya, his nickname, also always considers the client as his best friend. He did not hesitate to invite his clients to discuss the model of clothes that fit the body. With the latest models and immediately choose the desired clothing material. Those are some of Indonesia’s fashion dress designers.

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