Tips on Maintaining Household Harmony This

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Tips on Maintaining Household Harmony This is the latest review that you can see in this article. Marriage is a form of perfecting obedience to God. The Islamic love proverb says, “Getting married is not just about love. So, choose a partner who will be with you to His heaven.” Of course, marriage is not just a matter of agreement and compliance. It is also not only about money spent to get new status in sacred bonds.

Maintaining Household Harmony
Maintaining Household Harmony

Getting married is a process of recognition that will continue, both between the two brides and between the bride and their family. Therefore, it is very natural that when married, there are often various problems in the household. All existing problems can actually be overcome. Do you want to know how to maintain household harmony even though there are many problems faced?

In this article, the author will provide some tips for maintaining household harmony with Ummi. It may be that Ummi is forgotten by trivial matters but is actually very important in maintaining household harmony. What are some tips for maintaining household harmony? Check out 5 tips for maintaining household harmony below!

1. Obey the Husband’s Orders

A wife who can make her husband happy is a wife who is pleasant when viewed and does not refuse when asked for help with her husband. As a wife, you should not be surly before your husband, but be cheerful and cheerful. A good wife must obey her husband’s commands in terms of kindness to maintain household harmony.

As long as the husband instructs or gives advice in terms of goodness, the wife is obliged to obey her because she is the person responsible for his wife. What if the wife feels disturbed because the husband tends to ask for many things, such as asking for something to take, put something in, and make something?

How Do You Maintain Household Harmony?

Just enjoy it, enjoy your husband’s pleasure because you can only spoil your husband. Don’t worry, on the other hand, husbands usually know when they can be spoiled and when they can mature before their wives.

2. Stay at Home and Get Out of the House with a Husband’s Permit

Tips for maintaining the harmony of this household are often ignored by the wife. Time and demands in other cases sometimes make the wife unable to always be at home. Either work, college or social activities are the reason for his wife to leave home.

However, one thing a wife must always pay attention to is that a wife must get pleasure from her husband wherever she is. So, staying at home and going out of the house must get permission from the husband. Quite often husband and wife fight because of misunderstandings in this matter.

Permission to the husband is very important. Aside from being a manifestation of respect for a husband, a wife is the husband’s responsibility so that what happens to the wife inside and outside the home is very important for the husband. Therefore, the wife must ask permission from the husband if he wants to leave the house.

If you want permission to leave home, your wife can send it via SMS or telephone. You can also say it when the husband goes to work, “Bi, Ummi will go to the market later … Want to spend a month. After leaving the market, Ummi goes straight home.” “Wow, Abi can’t wait to go home for dinner with Ummi. You are careful on the road, honey …” Romantic, right?

3. Giving Happiness to Husband in Bed

Well, if this is the case, again remember the hadith which states that the wife should not refuse if her husband invites to have a relationship in bed unless there are reasons such as illness or fatigue. However, if the wife refuses without reason, the wife will be cursed by the angel.

Are There Other Ways to Maintain Household Harmony?

If there are things that make the wife hesitant to have a relationship in bed, it must be communicated to the husband so that there is no misunderstanding or the husband becomes prejudiced. If the wife will establish a relationship with her husband, give the best that can be done so that the husband is happy because the happiness of the husband is a gift for his wife. Harmony in the bed will have an impact on harmony in the household.

4. Maintaining Husband’s Treasure and Self-Esteem when the Husband Goes

A good wife can certainly protect her husband’s wealth and dignity when the husband is away. It is strictly forbidden for the wife to use the husband’s property without permission from the husband. This is done to maintain closeness and trust in the husband’s wife.

In addition, it is strictly forbidden for the wife to allow one or several men to enter the house if the wife is alone. This is done to avoid slander which can make a husband disappointed and jealous. If there are male guests, you should immediately contact your husband.

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5. Giving Love as Sincerely

Which husband does not love the wife who gives his love sincerely. Which husband does not love the wife who is always obedient and loving. Be a wife who can make your husband happy so that the husband feels that every time with his wife is beautiful moments. Don’t let Ummi ignore the tips for maintaining this one household harmony.

Building good communication with your husband is one way to maintain household harmony. Think positive about your husband, understand every difference in character with your husband because essence, character and woman are clearly different. Harmony in the family will complement each other sincerely. As a wife, it is a place that relieves your husband’s anger and is willing and devoted to his problems and feelings.

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