Tips for Regulating Mandatory Household Finances

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Tips for Regulating Mandatory Household Finances this is known as a review that you can see in this article. The key to lasting marriage is not only the strength of love. A husband and wife must also be smart in managing their finances so that the foundation of the household becomes stronger. As a ‘finance minister’ in the family, the wife does play an important role in financial management.

But despite years of holding Household Finances, not a few wives are still overwhelmed in managing it. Even though income has increased, the monthly salary still has no balance, some of them are confused and don’t know where the income goes. Are you one of them?

According to financial planners, the classic mistakes of women in managing money are undisciplined. Many of them already know how to properly manage their finances but are reluctant to apply it on a daily basis. As a result, the income continues to be uncontrolled and some even have a lot of debt. To find out more about Tuty’s suggestions, see the basic financial management rules that must be known as follows:

1. Categorize Expenditures

According to experts managing household finances is actually simple. Namely by categorizing expenditure. Separate between wants and needs. They also distinguish between household needs and children’s school fees. From there it can analyze and find out which needs have exceeded the limit or need to be ‘donated’. You can make this learning for the following months.

2. Half Income Tubes

If you can save half of all income. According to City as a mother, we must be able to discipline set aside income to become an example for children. The money is also important for their future needs.

3. Shopping once a month

One simple but important tip given by City is to shop only once a month. Avoid buying household needs without a budget and rules. Don’t be tempted to buy a buy 2 get 1 item because it’s not necessarily needed. If you go shopping too often, the more money will come out.

“Try to spend only once a month so there is not much markup. If spending has exceeded the budget, see if there is anything that can be exchanged for other cheaper brands,” Tuty suggested.

4. ‘Spree’ Maximum 20%

Separating between needs and desires is also the main key to the success of financial arrangements. We recommend that money for fun no more than 20% of income. Some women include a body care budget, for example, which is actually a desire as a necessity. But that desire must be dammed if not you will have difficulty saving and investing.

5. Limit Arisan

You always can’t leave a lot of money on weekends? Maybe you have a too much social gathering. Even though it looks like an investment, social gathering is actually a debt. And debt should not be more than 30% of income.

6. If You Want To Lend Money

When there is a family or closest friend who wants to borrow money, the wife sometimes feels a dilemma. From the post where the money must be taken.

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