Smart Tips for Managing Appearances That Fit Your Body Shape

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Smart Tips for Managing Appearances That Fit Your Body Shape – As a woman, you certainly want to always look beautiful with a beautiful body shape. Having a beautiful body will certainly increase your confidence. So, it’s no wonder that many people are willing to do anything to get their ideal body shape, one of which is a strict diet.

In fact, to get a beautiful body you don’t always have to diet, you know. Simply by understanding your body shape and choosing the right clothes, you can still look attractive. No need to be confused, let’s look at smart tips on choosing clothes that fit your body shape below.

Hourglass body type

A distinctive feature of this body shape is a broad shoulder but shrinks at the waist. Well, for you who have a body shape like this you can choose subordinates a-line, full circle, and pencil skirt so that your body curves can be more visible. For superiors, use a top that is open on the neck to highlight your beautiful shoulders. You can also use v-necklines, scoops and dumbbells. Avoid a flat or straight outfit because it can cover your body curves!

 Apple body type

The characteristics of a body shape like this are usually seen from the size of the upper body that is larger and smaller at the bottom. For those of you who have a body shape like this, you should use a long outfit to balance your body shape. A shirt with a v-line or wide neck circumference, a blazer jacket or coat with a v-neck neck you can use.

For subordinates, choose the type of skirt with pleated models, straight leg jeans and pants, or cargo pants. Don’t try to use a pencil model skirt once in a while, because it will make your waist and hips look big. Also, avoid using outfits with too much detail at the waist.

Body Pear Type

For you who have this body like Beyonce or Shakira, you don’t need to be confused. Despite having big hips and thighs, you can still look pretty and amazing. To produce a good look, balance your bottom by using a pretty busy and bright outfit.

Use a top with a large collar with details on the shoulders or arms. Skirts with basic skirts, A-line dresses and slim trousers with dark colours are the right choice. Avoid subordinates with a pencil skirt or fishtail models because they can show your large body parts. Be smart!

Straight Body Type

For those of you who feel you don’t have a waistline and curves, don’t worry. You can use a long coat top with geometric details, then combined with a belt that can make your body look curvier. Choose a simple outfit that is not too crowded. Also, avoid using too much clothing with lively detail or too many accessories in one blend of an outfit.

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Well, that’s a few tips for choosing the appearance that you can apply to your appearance. By understanding your body shape, then you no longer need to torture your body with a strict diet so that the appearance looks attractive, right? Simply consume healthy food every day, exercise, and what is certain is to choose clothes according to your body shape, huh! Good luck!