Tips for Manage Family Finances Well

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Tips for Manage Family Finances Well – Maybe that is one of the expressions that we often hear when we choose to become a housewife. Indeed, not all women assume that being a housewife is a wrong choice or profession. Precisely being a housewife is a heavy mandate and we are directly accountable to God.

Being a mother is required to be clever in various ways. Especially in terms of Manage Family Finances. There are so many out there who underestimate the profession of being a housewife. That they don’t care about financial matters when in fact we are a finance minister in our family.

Actually, what should we do so that our money is enough?

1. Share it into several accounts

Before getting married, my mother had given advice if we received monthly expenses or monthly salary from a husband, then put in a number of envelopes so the money didn’t leak everywhere. For example, the monthly spending is divided into 5 envelopes, the first envelope containing the money.

The second envelope containing money from the electricity and water bills, the third envelope containing money to pay the school tuition fee for the child. The fourth envelope contains money to pay for insurance and investment and a fifth envelope containing money for daily needs. It’s just an example because everyone’s monthly needs are different.

If the method is too simple or unsafe because it must be stored at home then we can divide it into several bank accounts. This method has also been taught by a Financial Planner, Mr Aidil Akbar Madjid in his book entitled Management by Envelopes.

2. Set aside a day

Even though we are only a housewife, of course, we have the desire or aspirations, for example, to buy a gadget or favourite item. Instead of troubling the husband, we can set aside a day from spending money. For example, a day can collect 20,000 so if it is collected for a month to 300,000 and a year to 3,600,000 you can buy a new gadget without having to bother your husband. In addition, a housewife must be aware of investment. Actually do not need a big capital to invest enough with a little capital. We can already invest in mutual funds with very satisfying results.

How Do You Manage Family Finance Properly?

Did you know that by setting asid 300,000 per month from the proceeds of routinely set aside a day in equity mutual fund products (assuming a return of 20% per year) for 10 years than the money will be approximate 2.1 billion.

3. Turn hobbies into income

Housewife profession is a profession that requires 24 hours of non-stop and heavy responsibility. If a housewife wants to increase income without having to work outside the home, one way is to turn hobbies into income.

To offer goods or services from our work, use the latest technological sophistication like offering through social media. In addition to social media, we can also offer our close relatives to use services or buy goods from our own work, if necessary, give discounts. Make the people closest to us as initial consumers.

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4. Invite your partner to discuss financial issues

Involve your husband or partner in managing family finances. Use the right time for financial chatting. And most husbands hand over all Manage Family Finances affairs to their wives as finance ministers in the family. I think taking a moment each month to chat or have a relaxed discussion about Managing Family Finance can minimize quarrels or misunderstandings.