This Review of the Happy Family Secret

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This Review of the Happy Family Secret is a review that you can see in this article. A family is always a priority and the main thing in one’s life. Especially in Indonesia which highly upholds the norms, morality, and eastern customs, which make the family very important and above all else. And because this family is very important, then someone is always looking for happiness for his family.

Happiness in the family will always be sought. Because with a Happy Family, someone or partner will also be happy. Family happiness is always correlated with self-happiness. But to get this happiness it takes a struggle and hard work. This happiness is indeed not easy to achieve.

Therefore, if you are one who really wants to have a happy family, you can’t help knowing and understanding some of the secrets to make family life happy. Then what are the recipes and secrets to achieving happiness and family? Here’s the review.

1. Comfortable with each other

The first secret to achieving a happy family is to create a sense of comfort from each other. Comfort is indeed the basic thing that every human being needs. So, the more comfortable humans are in carrying out their lives, the greater the level of happiness they will get. Similarly in the family, the more comfortable family members in the home, the higher the level of happiness achieved.

This is the indicator or sign of happiness that is most likely to be most recognizable. So if you recognize or know one of your family members is uncomfortable at home, you must be vigilant, because it can be happy in your family in trouble. Now look at how your children are, are they really comfortable at home?

2. Exchanging stories

If your family member (spouse or children) likes to exchange stories with you, then the sign is that family happiness has begun to be created. But if family members (spouse or children) do not like to tell you, you must be vigilant, because it could be that your family’s happiness is being threatened.

Especially children who often cover problems with their parents. If you find children who like to cover up their problems, you must be vigilant, you should try to approach them and invite them to talk from heart to heart. Approach them wholeheartedly, do not make them afraid of your anger. Usually, the facts on the ground prove that children who are scolded loudly will be more threatened and close to you.

So to make children want to be open and want to exchange stories with you, then you have to approach them with your heart. You must start always approaching your children. Don’t keep your distance too far if you want your children to always exchange stories with you.

3. Prioritize Marriage

The presence of the child sometimes does make a couple’s happiness and then declines. Actually, this is not right if the presence of children then makes happiness between partners less. Although there is no denying the happiness of the couple, especially the wife with the presence of children.

But you should happiness and marriage couples do not experience a decline. Giving time to children is indeed good, but do not forget to always provide a special time to spend together with your partner if you want to achieve true family happiness.

4. Take time to eat together

Do not underestimate eating together, because by eating together all family members, family happiness will be more interwoven. Eating together whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner will make communication created and open. You and other family members can exchange stories when these moments of eating together occur.

With the opening of this communication, happiness in the family will be more manifest. Therefore, for those of you who want to get happiness in the family, you must provide time to eat with your family at least four times a week.

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5. Spending Time Together

If you have children, make an agenda in a month to get your children to play together. You can invite your children to play at home or outside the home. If you do have enough time, make this play every day.

Why is playing together so important? This is because by playing together with happy family members, you will be able to improve your inner relationships and ties with family members. By taking the time to play together, you will also open opportunities to get good attention and communication from children.