This Beautiful Dresses On This Special Christmas Day

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This Beautiful Dresses On This Special Christmas Day is the latest review that you can see in this article. Christmas is one of the most precious moments for those who celebrate it. Not only as a moment to worship together, but this moment is also very appropriate to be used as a time to gather with a large family.

To welcome Christmas, you will find various Christmas accessories in public spaces, such as Beautiful Dresses, Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, snowmen, or Santa Clauses. In fact, even for non-Christians who do not celebrate this big day, they can still feel this warm and friendly moment.Traditions that Always Have on Christmas Eve.


In addition to various Christmas celebrations, one of the most compulsory precedents on Christmas Eve is of course praying. Praying is done not to forget the essence of the Christmas celebration itself. Which is to remember the majesty of God.

So, it’s good before starting various celebrations on a warm Christmas Eve. The tradition of praying together is indeed supposed to be done. In addition to adding spiritual preparation, praying together on Christmas Eve will greatly warm the atmosphere and strengthen togetherness in a family. This will make Christmas moments more valuable.

Exchange gifts

Besides praying, another tradition that is synonymous with Christmas is the tradition of exchanging gifts. The habit of exchanging gifts with friends or relatives on certain days of winter begins in Ancient Rome and Northern Europe. In the area, people exchange gifts as part of the year-end celebrations.

In 1100, Saint Nicholas became a symbol of the business of giving too many European countries. According to legend, Saint Nicholas has brought presents to the children the night before the celebration, which is December 6. Many other figures replaced Saint Nicholas and made December 25 as a day to exchange gifts.

How to Beautiful Dresses Dresses For You to Use?

Most people assume that the habit of giving presents on Christmas Day comes from the gifts of the Magi to Jesus. The gift giver who goes through this long, risky journey is believed to be an example of amazing gifts and sacrifices. Two thousand years later, these three magi offerings turned into the habit of making a trade in the entire world. Changes in the meaning of this gift have been discussed in various stories.

Video Call with relatives

Thanks to technological advancements, this one tradition can also be present. This one habit is usually done if you have special people who are unable to attend to gather together on Christmas Eve. After sending a gift to that person, you can communicate with them using the video call facility.

Even though there is a distance between you, you can still meet face to face and enjoy the Christmas moment together. One student from Indonesia who was studying in the Netherlands, Relay. Told me that his family celebrated Christmas in different places.

His parents celebrated Christmas in Manado, namely at the moment of gathering with a large family. While his brother celebrated Christmas in the Philippines. But even so, they can still enjoy Christmas eve along with video call facilities.

Writing a Letter of Hope

If this habit is often done by children who still believe in the existence of Santa Claus. Many children intentionally write a letter of hope for Santa. In the letter, children will express their feelings, their hopes, or whatever they want to convey to Santa.

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The contents of the letter can vary depending on the wishes of the child. However, usually, this moment can be very touching when parents read the wishes or hopes of the child. Most of them will be touched or even laugh amused when reading the hopes of their children.