The Early Childhood Development Stage

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The Early Childhood Development Stage is an activity that you can see in this article. The development of children becomes something important to follow. Awaken children to train mentally, mentally and mentally in the struggle of time.

The nature of sequential child development, and develops into the basis for the next. This stage of Childhood Development is important for children, especially for the 0-5 year period, because indeed there are or abnormalities in child development will improve the future.

Therefore you need to know the stage of development of your child. The way to monitor it not only measures height, but also the ability of motor skills, language, and also the log of children. Further information can be seen in a review of the stages of development of children up to 5 years below.

3-4 Months

At this time, generally, children will begin to see people’s faces and follow the movements of objects. Children also begin to get to know people and objects that are familiar, smile at others, play with other people, movements and facial expressions, turn to sound, and start making babbling sounds.

Ages 6-7 Months

At the age of 6-7 months, children will be able to start responding to others and playing happily with their caregivers. When calling by name, children can also provide feedback. In addition, at this time, usually, children start using, looking for items that contain far away or put objects into their mouths. Visually, children can show their feelings (happy or not) by making a distinctive sound.

1 year old

On the first birthday, ordinary children can use one word like mother or father. Children are also happy with the words of others, feeling shy or afraid of strangers, crying left by their parents and caregivers, and are able to point things out.

If used to do simple things, such as taking toys, children can do it right. If the name of the object is called, the child can point or see the object that says.

Stage of Development of Children at Age What is the most memorable for you?

Age of 2 years

2-year-olds like to hang out with other people. He also likes to work with his friends. Vocabulary develops and can be used 2-4 words to write sentences. Today’s children can also adapt to shapes and colours, get to know different names or people, and can access simple commands correctly.

3 years old

In 3 years, children can show affection and attention to the people around them. Children also have many variations that can, can be used alone, can mention objects around them, can be invited to speak and be understood quite well, and also begin to recognize the concept of numbers.

4 years old

By the age of 4, children can join friends and enjoy playing with friends rather than playing alone. Children can also express long sentences, speak clearly, understand the same/different concepts, can count, enjoy imagination, and can also sing songs they know.

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Age of 5 years

At this stage, children begin to want to learn and become more independent. Children also start singing, dancing, and acting. When speaking, he said clearly with long, structured sentences. Children can also make numbers and letters and geometric shapes.

That is the stage of development of children from 0-5 years that you can see. Keep in mind that child development is really the same because it can be accessed by various factors. So, the above stage is the basis of general development.