Small Things at Home that Can Maintain Health Your

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Small Things at Home that Can Maintain Health Your this is one review that you can refer to in this article. One of the greatest favours we can feel every day is health. Especially in a mature productive age, health becomes the main capital to move the wheels of life both career and social relations. Today, we find that health is not just a necessity, but has become a trend today.

The healthy life trend that we are currently encountering a lot through food and sports, but actually to start a healthy life you can start from home and family. Come to see 4 simple things at home that can help Maintain Health your health and your family:

1. Good communication with family

Good communication in the family is like oxygen that you can breathe every day, so it inspires your life. Establishing good communication with your family at home will create a good mood and mood for your mind and heart.

Take the time to be able to chat, tell stories to each other, or just listen to the experiences of your family members on that day to keep your mood happy and avoid excessive stress due to the stress of work. Not only does it create a happy mood, but you will also add harmony and closeness to your family.

2. Refresh your eyes and mind by looking at the green environment

After struggling with work for almost 8 hours a day, give yourself a little refresher by seeing something green like a garden in your home. You can also plant a number of small plants that can be placed in the corners of your house to increase the beauty. It doesn’t need to belong, 5-10 minutes in the morning will make you more relaxed and improve your mood because the oxygen is inhaled from your green space.

3. Tea Time with family

The content in tea is believed to reduce the levels of the hormone cortisol (the hormone that causes stress). Try drinking hot tea in the afternoon on the balcony or terrace of the house while talking to your beloved family.

You can try chamomile tea, black tea or green tea to improve mood. Not only that, drinking a cup of tea can provide new energy throughout the body. Benefits of Drinking green tea and other types of tea can also maintain your concentration and focus.

4. Adjust Lighting and Air Inside the House

Did you know that lighting and air circulation in your home will also affect your mood? Lighting and adequate air circulation will make you more relaxed and help maintain your health at home. The best lighting comes from natural light.

Not only can the room warm up to be free from moisture, but sunlight also has very large vitamin D and serves to kill bad bacteria and various types of fungi. In addition to lighting, also regulate the air in your house because the smooth circulation of air is important in maintaining health.

Until now, many still think that pollution is only on the streets. In fact, pollution is also present in the room. Examples are stoves, home appliances or medicines that contain ammonia, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pets that carry dust mites, and cigarette smoke that enters the house.

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The bad impact of pollution is the appearance of fungi, bacteria, and also bad for your breathing sooner or later. Try to open your window every morning, using the air conditioner to prevent moisture. Close the location of uncontrolled drains and the most important thing to Maintain Health of you and your family at home is to increase the ventilation in each corner of the house so that air circulation in each room can be smooth.