Relaxing fashion inspiration for men, you must know!

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Relaxing fashion inspiration for men, you must know! Smart Relaxing Style When wearing garment clothing with closed hands and feet is also covered, the style of clothing that can be used will fall into the type of Smart Casual. The advantages of this type of style are suitable for going to a place that has an official feel, such as an office area. In addition, you also look neater than everyday Casual style.

fashion inspiration
fashion inspiration

Oh yeah, the use of short sleeve shirts is also calculated as the Smart Casual style. Here are some casual fashion inspiration for men:

Polo Monochrome

Use a black polo shirt for male monochrome style The combination of black and white always gives a cool and millennial impression For those of you who are monochrome lovers , this style of dress will certainly be an inspiration for you to wear everyday clothes.

Use dark colored jeans to make the impression of monochrome stronger.Don’t forget to wear a black or white sneaker (or a mixture).If you want to be a little more edgy , you can also use a hat in black or white. Dab really bro!

Flannel Shirts

Wear men’s flannel shirts as outerwear for the smart casual style Flannel shirts are also one of the trends in dressing up men. In the style of Smart Casual , long-sleeved flannel shirts are usually used as outerwear , while those with short sleeves can be used alone without additional tops.

The style of men’s flannel shirts that are commonly used (both short and long sleeves) is combined with dark jeans and leather shoes (eg Chelsea boot ). Keep in mind that flannel material is rather easy to make hot. If you want to be more relaxed when wearing a short-sleeved flannel shirt, use knee-length pants and sneaker or sandals.

What is the best fashion inspiration?

Denim Style

Use a denim jacket for a smart casual style The use of denim tops is the key to this dressing style. You can use denim jackets or shirts with denim. Your appearance will look really cool bro. For subordinates, use chino-type trousers or jeans if you want full denim.

However, not everyone will look like a full denim type, because this motif adds ‘weight’ to the eyes of those who see it. My advice, try experimenting with this style. If you don’t feel confident, avoid using jeans as a subordinate.


Wear sweaters to inspire men’s smart casual style For those who often hang out or take a walk to a cool place , stylish with sweaters is one of the mainstay styles that you can check. In addition to giving a warm feeling to the body, sweaters can also make you even cooler. Use a shirt collar or short-sleeved shirt collar to give effect lo interior cool effects! To make it look smarter , wear trousers and leather or synthetic shoes.

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Use a bomber jacket for a simple casual style of men The bomber jacket exploded a few years ago because it was used by our president at that time. Even though it’s trendy in green, now you don’t have to depend on color, use contrasting colors with your subordinates so that the cool impression of a bomber jacket is more visible. Chino, jeans, and even cargo will be suitable to be used to complement the style with this bomber jacket. That’s some fashion inspiration that you can try.

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