Muslim fashion clothing in the Arabian Peninsula! 

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Muslim fashion clothing in the Arabian Peninsula! It is supposed to be according to sharia for Muslim women. In addition, the obligation to dress in accordance with the principle of syar’i is indeed hinted in the Qur’an. But who says Muslim clothes don’t look fashionable? Like the conventional fashion world, which at any time experiences development, Muslim fashion clothing increasingly moves dynamically. So the design is no longer monotonous.

Muslim fashion
Muslim fashion

According to the latest news Women dressed in Muslims are not only given a choice of skirts or long blouses, but also other forms of clothing that meet sharia principles. Like bolero, harem pants, vests and more. Likewise in the selection of materials, they still prioritize Islamic values, not thin, transparent and tight so that Muslim fashion remains good.

If Paris is used as the world’s fashion mecca for conventional fashion, Muslim fashion actually makes Middle Eastern countries a fashion mecca. Like Morocco and a number of countries in the Arabian Peninsula. However, it is still adapted to the conditions of the regions in Indonesia and local cultural values. “Especially in the Siti Hajar boutique, we are oriented towards Arabian Peninsula countries such as Morocco,” he explained.

Fitri explained, Muslim fashion designs are currently developing. Both in terms of use of materials, models to color games. No longer solely on dark colors that aim to cover the curve of the body. Moreover, women are synonymous with beauty.

Similarly, in terms of design. Muslim fashion designers are increasingly brave to be creative. So the design that was previously considered monotonous, can appear more stylish, fashionable and elegant. “The design varies. For conventional fashion there are bolero, vests, scarves and harem pants, there are also Muslim fashion,” Fitri added.

How is Muslim fashion developing?


Various variations of the model can be an option for Muslim women to always look fashionable on various occasions. Both in everyday appearance and appearing in parties that carry the value of glamor.

For example, Muslim women who like to look funky can choose harem pants and bolero. Similarly, those who like to look stylish but still perform according to syar’i can choose a scarf to cover their neck when the air is cold. Or a woman with a small body, can choose clothes that use waistband to make a higher impression.

Well, for those who do not like to look complicated or women who have high mobility with seabreg activity, to not have time to linger grooming, fashion vendors like Siti Hajar offer a more practical and simple design. Siti Hajar’s brand clothing collection material is guaranteed to give consumers a sense of comfort.

By choosing ingredients that are a combination of cold cotton and can absorb sweat with lycra that is elastic and slippery, called bulgari. Suitable with the hot climate of Pekanbaru. Lycra is not easily wrinkled, so it doesn’t really need to be ironed. For patterns and motifs that vary, and most are patterned flowers.

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Suitable for parties. Similarly, various hijab models. Like long Moroccan hijabs. Designed not only to function as a long veil but also clothing. Likewise with Pashmina which is currently becoming a trend. That is some Muslim fashion clothing in the Arabian Peninsula that you need to know.

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