How to Educating Children in this Technology Age

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How to Educating Children in this Technology Age is the latest information that you can refer to in this article. Welcome to the digital age, when everything can be easily obtained with just one touch. Now that we live in an era that makes swallowing hard, our age is small, all these things are still taboo but now they can be seen in one touch.

How are our sons and daughters later if we as parents cannot be their mecca. The impact of this technology will have an effect on their lives, so as parents we have to be ready for ammunition so that we don’t lose to the 4-inch box. The tips below are tips on Educating Children in today’s digital era:

1. Take advantage of technology

Smartphones are not a taboo item anymore. Our children may be far better at us than messing with the small screen. So as parents use technology to lead children in a good direction, secure mobile phones to protect them from sites that should not be seen by underage children. Accompany children when using it.

2. Limit time

A smartphone is now also a part of life, so give children an understanding of usage, limit the time of use. Because the whole body is an investment, unwise use will only affect health.

3. Teach about nature

Make a rule that must be obeyed by all family members “a day without a gadget” for activities outside the home, such as gardening, planting trees, or cleaning the house. This activity will foster the closeness of parents and children. Make a one-day rule in one month no gadget.

4. Teach to look around

Socialization, this is a thing that starts to run away from real life, when someone has struggled with cell phones, smartphones, gadgets. The value of their sympathy began to diminish, communication with capital only using WhatsApp didn’t really exist.

When there is an accident, please help in the first photo, upload social media, and ask for permission, then share. So as a contemporary mother we must re-awaken the child to the meaning of a socialization. Real relationships between humans. Not in cyberspace. Our nation is a friendly nation, you cook with the next-door neighbour, you don’t know.

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5. Give an example

Children learn from imitating. Mother is the first madrasa for a child, so when parents, especially mothers “in fact, often meet with the baby” do not give an example, reprimand without giving action then all things will only be in vain. Children who are still looking for identity need a good example, rules exist to be enforced not as casual writing that is not considered.

So in an era that is no longer the same as the old days, be a smart parent. Think openly. They are not living in our day so don’t force them to be us. Falls and merges in their lives to understanding the nature of our educating children, so we will know the best way to educate them. Every child is special and also different. So let’s be a wise parent. Not a wishy-washy person who said “A” and who did “B”. Hopefully, we don’t become parents like that. Let’s give an example. Spread the good.