How to Educate Toddlers Good and True

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How to Educate Toddlers Good and True – Infants under the age of Five Years or commonly called Toddlers are indeed experiencing an environmental recognition crisis. Where these big babies are trying to get to know what they have to do and how to deal with or respond to the environment and friends around them.

Well, toddlers are indeed the happiest age for parents. With a very adorable attitude often the child is spoiled, causing some toddlers to become adults in the wrong way when Educate Toddlers. For this reason, educating children under five is very difficult, besides because toddlers are still imitating they are also still confused to distinguish between right and wrong.

Toddlers often prefer doing what they like compared to the rules may or may or not true or false. So how to properly educate toddlers, this article will discuss it:

1). Read Story

According to an education expert, Dr Rosmarie Truglio, reading can make children love books, increase their vocabulary and abilities in vocabulary and develop their language skills. There is no reason too early to read stories to children.

Now there are many good books with colours and interesting pictures to read to children. Read a story every day. Read with intonation and expression like we are playing drama. As they say, it will be easier to learn to use imagination and other things than rules, proverbs and things that drain their brains.

2). Learning While Playing

Playing is indeed their realm, but if you can insert the elements of the lesson why not. This is related to learning while playing easier for children under five to understand. Buy letters of the alphabet made of plastic and store them in the bathroom. Every time you take a shower, introduce new letters and do them repeatedly until the child memorizes them.

Or attach it to the door of the room, on the refrigerator door and a place that is easily visible to the child. In this way, the child will slowly begin to learn the connection between speaking and writing in the language. Besides, that toddlers will suggest that learning is not a bad and boring thing.

3). Maintain Toddler Health

Scientists from the University of Illinois succeeded in proving a correlation between health and children’s achievement in school. Teach children to exercise, maintain cleanliness and give healthy food and nutrition that is fulfilled. What does health have to do with educating? you teach health so you teach how to live well in your toddler.

Not infrequently because of underestimating this, the child becomes difficult to eat vegetables, snack on junk food and it continues to large so that the child has health problems. That is what is called maintaining health in educating children under five.

4). Limit television

Allowing children to watch TV is a way of educating the wrong child. A lot of watching TV makes children lazy. Besides the negative influence of TV shows on children. Give children a schedule of watching TV in about 2 hours a day, according to child psychologists. Television is actually the enemy of all children and even adults, not just toddlers. Even diabetes can come from a television.

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5). Become a Friend

Toddlers often ask things that might actually be banned or not yet time. Decrease showing patronizing attitude to children, act as a close friend. Be a comfortable place to vent, so that children’s problems will not be conveyed to the wrong person.

And finally, it will provide the wrong solution. That way they won’t ask questions wrong, especially on the wrong object or person. Parents have a 100% obligation to account for the Educate Toddlers of their toddlers or children.