How to Educate Girls from Early n

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How to Educate Girls from Early On is a guide that you can refer to in this article. Having children is not an easy thing, but still, the child is the source of happiness and pride in the morning of his parents, even to the end. For a newly married couple, having children is a very great desire so that their home is decorated with laughter and jokes of the child’s voice.

It is not impossible they want a son or daughter to fill the house with happiness. Most ways to make your wife happy are by having a daughter because it is not uncommon for a wife to crave girls. But as a human being can only accept what is given by God, still be grateful even though the born is a boy. Every decision in the household is taken together so that the family will remain in harmony.

Having a daughter is not easy, we must know how to educate good and true girls so that our children will become good children. The following are tips on educating girls to become good girls. The teaching methods here are not specifically specified for certain ages. Both ways to educate children aged 3 years, 10 years or others. Later, from this method, it will be adjusted to the age of our daughter. Okay, let’s check this out!

Come on, note how to educate the following girls:

Embed the value of faith and religion early on

Instilling religious values ​​and faith will make our daughters become pious women. Cultivation of faith depends on how education is applied in the family. Association in the community, education in the school, and additional religious education such as in TKA / TPA (for Muslim families).

As parents, we at least pay attention to children’s religious education such as getting used to praying, teaching the procedures of worship, etc. For aspects outside the family, we need to pay attention to how far the child’s school provides religious material to children. Of course, if our girls go to school in schools that pay attention to the religious aspects of our hearts feel calmer.

Teaches about covering up genitals and manners to get along

Closing ours is a basic thing. Enough to give an example and understanding to children about this. Next, teach about Ikhtilat. Ikhtilat is mixed between men and women. Teach our children about this knowledge. Don’t let our child be alone with a man who is not a mahram.

Educate girls to have independence and tenderness

Give a good example to our children through the family sphere, starting from an independent attitude, and speaking attitude. Don’t try to get harsh words in the family. Educating girls is the responsibility of parents until someone is asking for her hand.

How to educate girls about relationships

Teaching girls about relationships with women and how girls behave in boys are something that parents must do. This will foster a sense of responsibility and understand their obligations as a girl.

Teach girls about reproduction

Teach our daughters with reproductive science when it’s almost entering the baligh period. For example about menstruation, childbirth, pregnancy, and childbirth. This is very important for girls who are going to adulthood because every woman will experience it. Explain the difference between each blood so that when your daughter experiences first menstruation it will not feel scared and shocked.

Don’t give boys toys to our daughters.

We certainly can tell which toys are for boys and which toys are for girls. Give our girls toys also specifically for girls. Because basically instincts will be formed from what has become a habit that has been done since childhood.

Teach girls to be diligent children

When an adult girl later, of course our daughter will get married and live together with her husband. But not infrequently also have to live with in-laws. Being a diligent child will certainly make your father-in-law happy later. Besides that of course your husband will love him too.

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Not only are husbands and parents-in-law happy if our daughters are diligent, we, like both parents, will certainly be very happy and proud of their children. Teaching girls to become educate diligent children is through exemplary. Motivational stories, and ongoing advice until our children get used to living diligently.