How to Educate Children Good, Smart, Religious, and Obedient

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How to Educate Children Good, Smart, Religious, and Obedient is the latest review that you can see in this article. Having children who are good at being smart, and obedient is anyone’s dream. Therefore, to have children with the above criteria is fully the responsibility of parents in educating children as early as possible.

So how do you educate children who are good and right? In theory, it seems easy, but in applying it, not all parents succeed. The way to educate children must be understood comprehensively, not just a piece. So that children grow intact both intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally. So educate children should be an effort to encourage and motivate children to be positive to dare to find new things intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. The three do not be separated let alone removed.

A common mistake parents make is that they feel they have enough just by entering their children in school. After all, they were also taught in school about various things. In this position, the possibility of failing to educate children is in sight. The responsibility of parenthood in printing quality children cannot be reached there. What should be done?

1. Teach Independence and Responsibility Since Early Childhood

Generally, parents have an excessive worry in children. So don’t worry too much about worrying over children and being overprotective. Learn to trust your baby but keep watching from afar without restraining or protecting the mistakes made. Teach your baby to know his belongings and tidy up after playing. When they have entered school, teach them to prepare their needs, give pocket money by being directed to set aside as savings.

2. Teach and Grow Children’s Curiosity

At the age of their children, they have high curiosity. When looking at things or things that have never been seen and understood, they will usually ask questions.

As a parent, you must answer with clear, easy-to-understand explanations If you don’t know about that don’t lie, try to explain as logically as possible. Avoid saying “Do not know” can just divert by agreeing to find that information.

If your baby is among those who don’t like to ask, then you can give feedback by giving an explanation without being asked. For example “it’s an elephant, this animal likes to eat grass and has a long nose” like that.

3. Teach and Grow Children’s Opinion Ability

Generally, parents are indifferent to children’s opinions. They consider the opinion of children too insignificant. Whereas when the opinion of the child is ignored, it can have the effect of making the child insecure not dare to think. As parents, you should learn to listen to children’s opinions, if indeed their opinions are incorrect, they can be corrected.

How Do You Educate Correct Children?

For example by giving a positive response when the child argues with positive praise even though his opinion is careless. If your child has a shy child, then you can give feedback by asking questions that trigger your baby to express his opinion.

4. Teach and Grow Social Sense, Sympathy, Empathy, etc.

As a human, social sense, sympathy, empathy and attitude are very important. In order for children to grow up to be human beings who respect others then teach them as early as possible to understand the environment. Teach your child to give to those who are in need, and not arrogant. For example, there are beggars, let your baby give. Then give an explanation of why we must give and share.

5. Give Good Model, Be an Example

As parents, our attitudes and behaviour are the prime examples that our children will follow. If you want our children to be polite, say good words, then we must always behave like that for example. If we want our children to be religious, then we must give an example of what a religious person is like. Therefore the attitude of parents is an example and a prime example for their children.

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Conclusion How to Educate Good Children

From some of the above discussions about how to educate children well, it can be concluded that children must be given attention and affection and trust. Parents must be fully aware that the fruit of their day will absorb everything and events around it, so the best example is your family environment. Don’t over-protect your child and don’t overdo it. Family affection is the key to success in educating children.

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