How to Dress Right and Good

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How to Dress Right and Good is a review that you can see in this article. Apparently, teaching religion can be done through the choice of clothes that we give to children. How come? Of course, because Islam has governed all human life including how to dress. Basically, clothing is a tool to cover limbs that cannot be seen. These limits are governed by our religion, which can be seen and not.

Not only girls, but we also have to introduce boys with clothes that do not violate the Shari’a. The rule, we may wear any clothes as long as it’s not prohibited. Some of the prohibitions regarding boys’ clothing include:

Appearing nakedness. Male aurat is according to the hadith of the Prophet is between the navel to the knee. However, the problem of clothing also depends on local customs/customs. Indonesia still adheres to eastern customs which see closed clothes as more polite than open ones.

For boys’ clothes, a combination of trousers with long sleeves is considered more polite and star’s. Made of gold or silk. One of the wisdom of how to dress which is governed by the Shari’a is to teach simplicity, not to be luxurious. In addition, silk is usually used as a material for making women’s clothes.

We can take this rule into consideration when choosing a boy’s clothes. But don’t worry, your father, star’s clothes for boys today still look cool when worn. Already many Muslim clothing manufacturers have boys who pay attention to the aesthetics of clothing so they don’t seem old-fashioned. On the other hand, boys’ clothes, in general, can also be combined to keep syar’i.

Most parents who have boys rarely buy Muslim clothes because they tend to only be used at certain moments, such as holiday celebrations. If there is a choice of casual children’s clothes that can also be used in religious activities, it will certainly be very profitable. Here are 7 tips for choosing boys clothes to look cool while still being syar’i:

How To Dress Right and Beautiful?

1. Choosing Loose Pants

Generally, Muslim clothes for boys consist of loose fabric pants with any model. Mother’s father can choose your baby’s pants from corduroy, cargo, cotton, or denim, but try the model that is not slim fit (press body). In addition to fulfilling the requirements of not showing genitals, loose pants also provide space for boys who tend to be active.

2. Choosing a collared shirt or shirt

Tops for boys of various types. Some are suitable for everyday activities, some are more suitable for formal events. Casual clothes that can be used for formal events, one of which is a shirt or collared shirt.

Choose shirts with simple motifs that are appropriate and polite worn at formal events. Even collared shirts now vary in type. There are types of shirts made from shirts that are designed to have collars and buttons with a formal model. This type of shirt can also give the impression of star’s when used.

3. Choosing a Casual Koko Shirt

Koko clothes for boys today are various models. Not only conventional models that have many embroidery accents, boys’ Koko clothes currently have simple and casual models.

At first glance, this shirt is similar to a shirt or regular collared shirt, but if it is observed, there are still distinctive characteristics of the Koko shirt that is used such as the form of collars, pieces of clothing, and ornaments. Casual Koko clothes are more flexible and cool, can be used for any moment.

4. Choose fabrics that are easy to absorb sweat

Any good shirt won’t look cool if the child feels uncomfortable when wearing it. Mother’s father should choose a boy’s clothes made from shirts or cotton. This material is absorbing sweat while giving a dashing and fashionable impression when used.

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5. Pay attention to accessories

Adding accessories to your baby’s clothes can optimize his appearance, if appropriate in combining them. Excessive accessories will actually give the impression of being not cool and tend to be tacky. In order to remain syar’i, pay attention to the type of accessory your mother will add to your baby’s clothes. Avoid accessories that give the impression of being impolite.