How To Create a Harmonious Family

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How To Create a Harmonious Family – Creating a harmonious family is certainly our dream, but to achieve this is not easy, many things can hinder the creation of things, ranging from economic problems, harmony between husband and wife itself and many other things.

Maintaining Household Harmony
Maintaining Household Harmony

However, there are ways you can maintain that integrity, even if you can have a Harmonious Family and a positive home environment if you make the following suggestions. Oh yes, to make existing suggestions, you don’t need to stop working, this only requires wise time and a real example for children.

1. Always in touch with all family members.

One of the most important things in family integrity is a strong sense of belonging to one another. You might just be busy at the table when the morning is near, but there’s nothing wrong with spending a few minutes greeting your child and husband and asking about their schedule for the day.

2. Sit and eat together.

The only chance a family with super busy members can gather together is when dinner arrives. So, try so that all family members always eat together.

A study says that children who always eat with their families have a lower potential for mischief than those who don’t. In addition, in its development, these children are also far more ‘safe’ than drug temptations and dropping out of school. Sitting and eating together can also make each member know each other better.

3. Develop kindness and kindness to each other.

As a harmonious family, find out who among family members or neighbours might need help. Then, work together to fulfil the ‘call for help’. This is also an important lesson so that one-day children become people who have a social spirit and care for others.

Are There Other Ways To Build a Harmonious Family?

4. Schedule a family vacation.

When that day arrives, make a mutual agreement to leave each other’s busy life. Turn off the TV, cell phone, computer, or other things that interfere for a day, and use days for sightseeing, swimming or picnics together. This kind of activity will make relations with each other more tightly.

5. Communication, communication and communication.

Give a special time every day, if possible, with your family so that you and they can tell about their lives and activities. This can also be an opportunity for families to have joint meetings to overcome various problems that may arise in the family.

6. Go to a place of worship together.

No matter what religion and believe you and your family currently have, it’s important to go to worship together. Besides being able to strengthen faith, each member can find the role, purpose, and meaning of life in family and society.

7. Let your child lead (sometimes).

Children like to be heard, so sometimes it allows children who make decisions and parents follow, for example about holiday activities this weekend. In addition to educating children to be able to make decisions, they can also know their abilities and limitations in assessing things

8. Make a commitment to work together at home.

Building mental “we can” through experience working together in solving things must be better than mental individualism and giving up. Remember, the family is a team.

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9. Take care of your health.

If parents like to eat junk food and never exercise, children will have the same tendency. So, give an example for children to live a healthy and disciplined lifestyle. For example, brushing your teeth before going to bed, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle, wearing a seatbelt, eating vegetables, exercising, getting up in the morning, putting everything in place, and so on.

10. Accept each other as is.

Every family member is different, there is no similarity even though they are twins. Be an open person with other people’s thoughts, even if it’s your own child. Thus, in a harmonious family, there will be mutual respect that can bring a pleasant atmosphere in everyday life.

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