How to Connect Family Conditions Correctly and Appropriately

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How to Connect Family Conditions Correctly and Appropriately is a guide that you can refer to in this article. Death, addiction, financial problems, mental illness, divorce or separation, or problems that arise when they occur, are all problems that can plague the family.

These problems may not be resolved properly, especially by giving stress or the mind and family that are completely gone. This will lead to strife, tension and hatred between family members. Family conflicts can damage each individual in it. Solve your family problems by overcoming effective problems.

Schedule a time to talk to one table with the whole family.

Sometimes problems are very difficult to talk and overcome. However, all problems will be easier to finish printing all parties work together. The first step is a problem with compensation that is currently occurring a problem that needs to be resolved. Then, after the anger has cooled down, everyone must plan and create a strategy to solve the problem. Schedule this discussion at a time that is good for all parties. Inform the purpose of this discussion to all parties.

Also, let you know that you want everyone’s suggestions and solutions to be ready to make them present. Remember that a small child can say the course of the meeting. Collect other children if you think this will run hot or sensitive information will be discussed. The therapist issues regular family planning. Thus, each family member can state each before hatred arises. Talk regularly with your family to improve communication and affection.

Focus on moderate problems.

When in dispute, people who issue all and all unfinished problems they have faced with other people. This and make the purpose of the consultation become blurred. Try to find important things that are happening. This problem will not finish getting you to judge other people or bring old problems.

How to solve your family problem?

Ask everyone to be respectful and open.

Communication together plays an important role in dealing with effective conflict. All parties must use statements that begin with “me” to convey their needs, desires and interests. Remember that you are trying to change conflict and open a solution. A statement that starts with “me” allows everyone to say whatever he or she wants to say while still looking for someone else who is listening.

With such statements, everyone will admit that the things he or she convey are their own feelings. At the same time, everyone will find it easier to find a solution that is being faced. Example of “my” statement: “I am worried that the family is in the process of division. I want us to negotiate this matter.” Or, “I am afraid to gather my father because I am angry.”

Listen without interrupting.

Resolving problems, all parties need to listen well to other people in order to be able to agree. You can understand someone’s words only if you listen actively to what he is saying. To listen actively, you need to pay attention to the tone of language and other people; he is not another interruption or disturbance; and paraphrase what he said after he finished speaking, to ensure that you were right.

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Validate and respect each party.

That is from the revelation about how to deal with family problems, namely showing others that you listen, and accept their thoughts, opinions, or beliefs. Of course you yourself may be different, but validation shows that you respect others as human beings with integrity and deserve respect.

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