Fashion style from the African continent that is rich in philosophy!

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Fashion style from the African continent that is rich in philosophy! Have you ever heard of Afropolitan fashion terms? For those of you who don’t know yet, this is a fashion style that originates from the African continent. Not as famous as fashion from other continents, but it turns out interesting too, you know!

fashion style
fashion style

According to the latest news The motif is rich and distinctive from Africa, thus giving a unique ethnic impression and different from other fashion styles. This mode is also said to be a symbol of the fashion of freedom and freedom from the African continent. In addition, there are still many other interesting facts that need to be discussed about fashion style. Curious, right? Here’s the full information:

Design Contains Philosophy

The term Afropolitan is a combination of two words, namely African and cosmopolitan. The style in this fashion combines traditional ingredients from Africa in a contemporary Western style. Global designers with African blood try to develop the indigenous culture of the African continent into the eyes of the world by removing the boundary between Africa and western countries.

Generally, the designers involved are from South African, Moroccan and Nigerian countries. All three have a history of colonization by foreign countries such as Britain and Spain. For this reason, they want to introduce that African clothing is rich and no less interesting than other more developed countries.

African tribal motifs were introduced to foreign countries through modern clothing designs. Not just the origin of the motive, there is a philosophy contained in it, namely the element of enthusiasm, optimism, and freedom after the independence of the African people in the 1960s. Very interesting, right?

What is an attractive fashion style?


Diverse and Rich Color Tribal Motifs

People in Africa like clothing with diverse ethnic motifs and very rich colours. This is certainly a distinctive feature that makes African fashion different from fashion from other countries. The existence of various colourful motifs also gives the impression of ‘living’ on the appearance so that it does not seem boring. Another advantage of this fashion is that you do not need to be afraid to mix and match each motif because the motives that collide become a priority.

In addition to motifs and colours on clothing, this fashion also combines a variety of ethnic-style accessories that are a favourite of tribes in the interior of Africa. Ranging from bracelets, necklaces, earrings, to unique headgear and adding to the strength of Afropolitan fashion. Although it smells ethnic, you can still combine it with modern-style fashion that is trending in the present. The use of these accessories also makes the appearance more attractive, does not seem plain.

The Meanings of Tribal Motives & Bright Colors

The continent of Africa is often described as a poor and gloomy continent. But stereotypes are no longer valid thanks to the presence of African fashion. Bright colours and tribal motifs in this style depict the spirit of African descent who have succeeded and are able to take part in the international world.

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They want to convey that they are no longer shackled and can also be a trendsetter in the fashion world. The presence of bright colours and a variety of motives that are crowded also gives the impression of cheerfulness and makes the hearts of others come to feel the excitement about fashion style.

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