Some of The World-Renowned Indonesian Fashion Designers!

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Some of The World-Renowned Indonesian Fashion Designers! The names of famous Indonesian designers have proven their work can go international. Old players such as Peggy Hartanto or Tex Saverio are already familiar with the international fashion world. Apart from these long-known names. It turns out there are still Indonesian designers whose work is recognized worldwide and certainly makes them proud. Who are they? Let’s get to know more.


Tex Saverio

According to the latest news Tex Saverio is indeed no stranger to the international fashion world. His name began to become more famous in Indonesia after his clothes were worn by Lady Gaga. As you already know Lady Gaga has a unique taste in dressing. Likewise, the clothing design from Tex Saverio is unique and full of unusual details. Besides Lady Gaga, this Tex Saverio dress was once worn by Jennifer Lawrence in the film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Rinaldy Yunardi

e is very close to the luxury marriage of Indonesian artists. Yes, starting from Chelsea Olivia’s wedding until Sandra Dewi, has never been separated from accessories. And jewellery designed by Rinaldy Yunardi. At the beginning of 2017, this accessory designed by Rinaldy Yunardi was used by Nicki Minaj in one of his latest video clips. Not only Nicki Minaj, but the design accessories have also enlivened Victoria’s Secrets fashion show. This designer of accessories also makes special. Boots for Katty Perry which will be used in her latest video clip.

Who is The Best Indonesian Fashion Designer?

Nancy Go

Maybe you haven’t known many of Nancy Go’s Bacteria designer bags. This unique handbag studded with Swarovski has long penetrated the world market. These bags made by Nancy are favoured by top Hollywood artists such as Paris Hilton, Emma Thompson, and Blake Lively. Not only the top artists who like Bacteria, Putri Zara Philips also likes Nancy Go’s bags.

Peggy Hartanto

The collection of dresses from Peggy Hartanto is already familiar to foreign markets. Peggy is known for its minimalist design line but still looks unique. Peggy Hartanto’s designer clothes have been used by papas artists and singers for Hollywood. Starting from Gwen Stefani to the top-tier model Gigi Hadid has also appeared in the design of Peggy Hartanto.

Inwi Willy

Just like Nancy Go, maybe the name Inwi Willy is still unfamiliar in your ears. Even though Inwi Willy’s dresses have been worn by Jennifer Lopez. You can find dresses in Inwi Willy in the Qipao Sissae collection. Inwi Willy is one of the designers at Sissae Qipao who focuses on making a dress with a touch of qipao or cheongsam. In addition to Jennifer Lopez. The Qipao Sissae dress has also been worn by young artist Bailee Madison.

Ivan Gunawan

Ivan Gunawan’s dress and clothes also managed to steal the attention of the international community. The wedding dress of Intan Azzahra and Zandhy Zaen’s couple was discussed on several international news portals. One of them is the Daily Mail.

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Yosep Sinudarsono

This young Indonesian designer also managed to bring his work to the international scene. Yosep Sinudarsono who also has this unique design fashion line once made a dress for Marlin Akerman and Terri Seymour. Two Yosep Sinudarsono, dresses worn by Hollywood artists were used at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards.


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