The Development of Fashion Clothing in Indonesia, You Must Know!

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The Development of Fashion Clothing in Indonesia, You Must Know! Historically, from 700-1000 BC, textiles and fabrics have been documented as one of the important products exchanged or traded between countries and kingdoms in Southeast Asia. For example, the Kingdom of Sriwijaya (Palembang) traded its natural resources to be exchanged for silk and pottery from China and with India, they exchanged it for cotton.

fashion clothing
fashion clothing

Definition of Fashion Trends

According to the latest news Definition of Fashion is a fashion clothing or jewellery that is popular during a certain time or in a certain place. The term fashion is often used in a positive sense, as a synonym for glamour. Beauty and style or style that continues to change from one period to the next, from generation to generation.

It also serves as a reflection of social and economic status. Function that explains the popularity of many styles throughout costume history. Fashion or fashion is increasingly becoming a profitable industry in the international world as a result of the emergence of world-famous fashion houses and fashion magazines.

Fashion trends and seasons are largely driven by fashion designers who make and produce clothing articles. In this case. The term Fashion Business will be used in the sense of business that deals with fashionable clothing or clothing as a creative industry created and produced by fashion designers.

What is the development of current fashion clothing?

No one denies that the work of fashion designers has a major contribution to the garment industry because now garment entrepreneurs will need to use the designers’ expertise to always be up to date so as not to miss the world fashion trends.

The starting point for the development of Indonesian fashion

The development of the Fashion Trend in Indonesia is very much influenced by European and Asian cultures, especially Korean Clothing lately. Fashion in Indonesia has developed well in history. Since the advent of Non-Kawilarang and Peter Sie, in 1960, the Indonesian fashion world has demonstrated extraordinary potential and talent. In its early development Indonesian fashion tended to mimic the western style both in the materials used and in design.

By age, parents in Indonesia are generally more comfortable with traditional costumes such as kebaya. Especially for attending special events, in contrast to the young age who often appear in western style fashion or Korean fashion style. Since then traditional clothing has harmoniously developed as well as western-style designs to date.

In 1970, it was the beginning of the emergence of Iwan Tirta, Harry Dharsono, Prajudi, Poppy Dharsono and Ramli. Who had signalled the Indonesian Fashion World to the international community. Through their creations and fashion parades at home and abroad. In that decade, the Indonesian fashion world recorded a lot of progress.

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The efforts and hard work of young designers is supported by the publication of the women’s magazine “Femina”. New women’s magazine which was published in 1972. Which gives serious attention to the fashion world by presenting fashion trends in the fashion world. Thus providing a broader spectrum for national fashion in this era. That is the development of fashion clothing that you need to know.


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