The Causes of a Stretchy Relationship Between Husbands and Wives

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The Causes of a Stretchy Relationship Between Husbands and Wives – None of the married couples deliberately returned to be separated later on. We definitely want to have a marriage once in a lifetime. However, we also know that harmonious marriages cannot be obtained for free. So, to avoid chaos in the household, you need to know the 6 causes of a relationship, namely:


Shut up and be ignorant

When you ignore the couple for too long, so that makes him confused with your attitude. Especially if he has tried to do everything he can to get back to talking to you, but you are still silent and indifferent. This can be the reason for your relationship and your husband’s stretch. In fact, you and he can still talk about whatever you are feeling. Believe me, your silence and indifference will never solve the problem between you. So, face and talk from heart to heart.

Lack of Curiosity

A relationship consists of two people who care and care for each other, and your partner will learn about the habits and mindset of each other. However, when you or your husband seems to not want to know about your partner’s daily life. How are you and can he build a harmonious relationship? When you or your partner do not have curiosity over each other, this is tantamount to indirectly you no longer care for each other.

Submerge Sense

You often don’t have the courage to communicate with your partner? Be careful, because for a long time this could be the cause of your relationship with him to be tenuous and not last long. Many people think that their feelings of love are far greater than those stored.

However, if you make this a habit, not the longevity of the relationship you get. But it is actually feeling bored and tormented with one’s own feelings. Sooner or later, your emotions will peak, and come out with time and in unexpected ways. This is far more dangerous.

Immersed in Assumption

Usually, when you are overwhelmed with emotions, you can easily be controlled by negative thoughts about your partner. You will also find it hard to think clearly about the positive possibilities that your partner makes. Even though, not all that you think is true. But you still choose to trust your assumptions more, without asking questions or proving them directly. The danger, this habit can be one of the causes of cracking your household.

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Not focus

If you have a habit of not focusing when invited to talk by a partner, it is not impossible later this will be the root of the problem between you and your husband. If it occurs only once or twice, it may still be tolerated. However, if this happens too often, this might be a sign that you don’t value your partner’s whereabouts. Because a difficult eye to focus is one of the strongest hints if the relationship might not last long. Because you are considered not important what is being discussed by the couple.