Budget Friendly Destinations for Family Vacation in Canada

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When it comes to family vacation in Canada, most people would think about ski resorts or winter festivals. It is understandable because Canada is well known for its long winter and the Canadian enthusiasm to winter sports. But actually, Canada can offer a lot more. When you don’t think there’s a need to escape the cold weather, there are many great destinations for family vacation this winter. Hints: not all of them about ski and snow.

There are several factors to consider when choosing holiday destination for family vacation. As it is an opportunity to spend time together and create strong bond, the destination much be attractive enough to all family members. That means everyone must be well accommodated. For family with kids, this could be a challenge to choose a great winter vacation kids can feel comfortable and able to enjoy.

These are the recommended destinations for family vacation in Canada:


Yes, Canada’s capital and the biggest city is one of the recommended places for family vacation. There’s one big reason for this: Rideau Canal. The canal freezes through the winter to become a five miles long skating line. People of all ages would love to spend time skating through the canal. February is the ideal time to visit Ottawa because that’s the time of Wintertude, the famous winter festival with so many great festivals, night markets, and cultural events.


British Columbia has been known for its adorable ski resorts but the cost to stay there can be really expensive. The British Columbian town of Nelson can be a good alternative for budget friendly ski vacation. It has attractive ski track with more reasonable cost. Beyond ski, this small town also has historical buildings, interesting dining places, and other things to enjoy with relatively lower cost compared to more popular ski towns in this province.

Prince Edward Island

Most Canadians may not even consider this island for a winter holiday destination. Well, it’s their lost because it can offer the same experience like more popular destinations, with ever lower cost. The city of Charlestown of Prince Edward Island has plenty of winter outdoor attractions from skate ring to cross country ski track to even winter yoga. This city also has annual winter dining festival, the Winterdine, among other winter festivals.

Vancouver Island

This British Columbian island is a good choice for those who want to experience winter holiday but not really a fan of freezing cold weather. While Victorian Island also has ski track at the Mount Washington, the rest of the island is relatively warmer. The most popular attraction would be the Christmas Festival at the Butchart Garden, when the garden covered with light. It is great place for all family members and kids will love it for sure.

What makes those destinations a good option for budget friendly family vacation in Canada are plenty of options for affordable accommodation, food and beverage, and attractions. All destinations featured here can easily access from major cities with reasonable transportation cost. So, which one of them you would choose for family vacation?