Tips For Avoid Misunderstandings of Husband and Wife

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Tips For Avoid Misunderstandings of Husband and Wife are the latest reviews that you can refer to in this article. Misunderstanding or more commonly known as miscommunication becomes a very vulnerable thing for couples. In fact, even a small misunderstanding can cause a big problem that leads to a fight.

However, there is always a way for you and your partner to avoid misunderstanding, namely good communication with your partner, because it really determines the quality of your relationship. In fact, good communication is also the main key to strengthening the relationship between you and your partner. So, it’s good for you and your partner to apply these three tips to avoid misunderstanding:

Don’t Blame even Corner the Couple

Don’t because you feel right, then you feel you can clearly tell your partner that what he did was a mistake. You need to understand that not everyone can be directly criticized. So, it would be much better if you could tell what was wrong, without blaming and cornering it. Because these two things will not make him understand his mistakes.

However, it can actually make him act defensively and will not listen to what you say, because already hurt because of being blamed. So, try to express it better, without offending your partner.

Explain What You Want

Never assume that a partner can know everything about you, including what you want and think. Because thoughts like this are usually prone to conflict. You behave as if your partner knows and must know what you want, without saying it. If you are angry, say you are angry and offer a solution. For example, tell your partner that you feel very upset if you are not heard when telling stories.

Then, convey that you really want to be heard and cared for when you are telling a story. That way, the couple will fully understand what he needs to do next. So that you and your partner will avoid misunderstanding.

Honest About Feelings

Many people who think if avoiding conflict is the most effective way to keep the relationship fine. In fact, this will actually make you no longer open in expressing feelings to your partner.

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Some people feel that expressing their feelings openly and honestly becomes an error that can trigger conflict. This happens because usually, they have past experiences that have tried to open up, then failed and actually triggered a fight.

As a result, your partner finally chooses not to be honest and open and tries to save it himself. However, you and your partner are in a relationship that should make you happy and calm, for each other. Not just fear and keep anticipating conflicts that will occur by covering up the feelings that you have with each other.