Can We Avoid Divorce in Our Families?

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Can We Avoid Divorce in Our Families? If the Gisel and Ivory household that looks harmonious just turns out to save a big problem that ends with a divorce suit. What about a couple of households who often fight? Actually, can we avoid divorce in marriage? Or is divorce always a truly unavoidable thing, no matter how perfect and elegant any husband and wife?

Manang, if many couples choose to separate, in fact, there are not a few who remain in love with each other, right? Because, actually there are some that you and your partner can do, to Avoid Divorce in your household. Anything? The following is an explanation in this article:

Learn to Forgive and Apologize

How can we avoid divorce? Usually, a household will begin to collapse when there is one who holds a grudge or anger over his partner’s mistakes. In fact, if you are committed to living with him as much as you live, then you must be able to forgive your partner and move on.

Do not store it in the liver or bring it up and down constantly. You also have to be able to learn to apologize sincerely and admit mistakes that you must have made. Don’t look for excuses or defend yourself. As long as your partner’s mistakes are still acceptable to common sense, don’t make divorce into your choice to solve your problem.

Don’t be shy about looking for help

Marriage is hard work that must be fought for. So, if you feel marriage is on the brink of a problem, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to seek outside help, huh. You may make friends or family first person to be relied on, but sometimes they already have their own opinions and goals that are different from the vision of your marriage and partner.

So, it would be much better if you are looking for people who are experts in the field of marriage management, namely marriage consultants or family psychologists. Because, family psychologists have been carrying out special education, so they are able to assist you both to find the root of the problem while training the communication methods for solving the most appropriate problems, so you can avoid divorce.


Most household problems are actually rooted in a lack of quality communication. It is not impossible you do not convey to the couple honestly, that you want to be paid more attention, while the couple cannot guess the contents of your mind, right?

Because you feel you don’t get it from your partner, you start to play with other people, so the household must be at stake. In fact, if you have communicated from the beginning what your hopes and thoughts are open to your partner, you will be able to avoid divorce or infidelity.

In addition, you also need to throw your mind away from divorce. Don’t make divorce an option to solve problems. A household consultant and book writer from the United States,. Wyne Parker recommends that every couple spend time, at least 30 minutes each day to chat heart-to-heart, about anything.

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Respect and Respect each other

Everyone must change a little or a lot in his or her lives. Changes in mindset, lifestyle, or attitude of this couple cannot be controlled. However, you don’t need to worry about this change, as long as you keep respecting and respecting each other.

If the couple was always romantic and often gave surprise gifts, but now it’s never been. Do not immediately assume that it is because the couple is not in love anymore. You still have to respect your partner. Maybe now he no longer shows his affection through gifts or surprises. But by giving his time and energy to accompany you. Enjoying your togetherness that is getting older.