Let’s Introduce with Sea Lions

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Types of Sea Lions – Sea Lions are found altogether climates, in both the north and southern hemispheres and each sea using the exception from the Atlantic Sea. The sea lion is usually seen around the large harbors around the globe where grups of sea lions gather together to feed and bask inside the sun.

The sea lion generally lives in coastal ares where there is an effective food suplai and land close by for the sea lion to get a rest from swimming and hunting within water. The sea lion has 4 flippers which the sea lion has the capacity to turn around when on solid ground, allowing the sea lion to steer on land.

The sea lion is usually a preferred attraction at zoos and parks, where the sea lions are usually being trained to carry out tricks with hoops and balls. The sea lion is really a popular animal due the intelligence of the sea lion and likewise due to the quirky character which many sea lion individuals possess.

Today there will be seven different species of sea lion found in waters worldwide. These will be the Steller sea lion and this is referred to as northern sea lion as it‘s based in the North Pacific Sea, and also the Steller sea lion is that the largest sea lion species, the Australian sea lion and that is a little species of sea lion found upon the south and west coasts of Australia, the South American sea lion, also referred to as southern sea lion and it is found down the west coast of South America, the New Zealand sea lion and this is referred to as Hookers sea lion is found all around the south island of New Zealand plus the sub-antarctic islands, the California sea lion is found down the coasts from the north Pacific and it is believed to probably the most abundant and intelligent species of sea lion today, the Galapagos sea lion is found exclusively all around the Galapagos islands and it is thought to become a distant relative from the California sea lion.

The only real other sea lion species around was the Japanese sea lion, that was thought to became extinct sometime throughout the 1950s. The Japanese sea lion was thought to possess been associated with the California sea lion and have become extinct through hunt and also the introduction of commercial fishing.

Sea lions are sleek and generally carnivorous animals although sea lions have been shown to consume sea weed and aquatic plants sometimes. Sea lions are playful marine mammals and can also be observed spending hours playing within water.

Sea lions generally gather on rocky, coastal land to breed. A few year later, the female sea lion can give birth to one sea lion pup. Female sea lions tend to provide birth on their young on land though it‘s not uncommon to the female sea lion to provide birth to the sea lion pup within water.

Sea lion pups are nursed from the mother sea lion until they‘re about six months old. Baby sea lions learn how to swim when they‘re a few months old and it‘s then the baby sea lions will go out and learn how to hunt using the mother sea lion.

Sea lions tend to be seen in large grups of sea lions. Sea lions hunt in grups and in pairs and grup numbers increase throughout the mating season. There happen to be instances where sea lions happen to be aggressive towards humans within water. These acts are thought to become because the sea lions either wish to play or they‘re male sea lions displaying and enforcing their dominance inside their terrritory.

Sea Lion Foot Facts

  • The sea lion has flippers set up of where its feet could be in an effort to help the sea lion move through water quickly, a substance that‘s eight times denser than air.
  • Some species of sea lion can rotate their back flippers forward, so they could actually walk on several four flippers when on land.
  • In each flipper of the sea lion there will be five skeletal digits, like toes, that give the sea lion more movement in its flippers but these aren‘t always visible.
  • The sea lion uses its front flippers to propel itself with the water with the rear flippers acting as stabilisers meaning that They‘re Not used loads in swimming.
  • Adult sea lions have five claws on each of the two front flippers which the sea lion use to hook onto prey and to provide them more grip when walking on land.

Sea Lion Teeth Facts

  • The sea lion has between 34 and 38 teeth which include incisors, canines, premolars and molar teeth.
  • The teeth of the sea lion are made for grasping and tearing instead of chewing food and it is for that reason that baby sea lions shed their milk teeth before birth.
  • The incisors in the front from the mouth of the sea lion are very small but they are very sharp and therefore are employed for biting recorded on and holding onto prey.
  • The molars and premolars inside the mouth of the sea lion can vary in number but they are very similar and maybe have a slightly cup-like shape.
  • The canine teeth which are found behind the incisors inside the mouth of the sea lion are large, conical, pointed and sometimes slightly curved and these do a lot of the labor.

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