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Double Guarantees Week Coming to Full Tilt Poker


Poker players will be excited to hear that Full Tilt Poker is doubling the prize pools for their guaranteed tournaments for one week this month. From January 25th to the 31st players will be able to compete in the guaranteed tournaments at Full Tilt Poker and try their skills at winning even more cash.

A total of $25 million will be up for grabs during the special week at Full Tilt Poker. Each tournament will be offering a massive prize pool as the regular guarantees are already very generous. The Sunday Mulligan which normally has a $200,000 guarantee will boast a $400,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The Sunday Brawl, the site’s large bounty tournament, usually has a prize pool of $400,000. It will be increased to $800,000. The largest prize pool will come from the $750,000 guaranteed tournament. This tournament will be offering up $1.5 million in prize money.

The above tournaments will be closing out the special double prize pool week but there will also be nice tournaments taking place during the week. The weekly guaranteed tournaments have smaller buy-ins which may be more affordable than the larger weekend tournaments. There is the $1k Monday which will offer $600,000 for players to compete for.

The daily $75,000 guaranteed tournament will have a $150,000 prize pool and the Daily Dollar tournament will have a $20,000 prize pool. The Fifty-Fifty tournament is another great tournament which has a $50,000 prize pool which will go up to $100,000.

This special week is a great way for the regulars at Full Tilt Poker to try and earn extra cash while playing the games they enjoy each week. If you are not familiar with Full Tilt Poker, this special week is a great chance for players to compete in tournaments which are offering very large prize pools.

A Traveller’s Guide To Burin


The Burin Peninsula of Canada is nothing short of a treat to travelers and tourists.  People who are especially in their cars and prefer driving to any other transportation are guaranteed a drive devoid of boredom. This is because the exterior or the scenic beauty of the surrounding area is constantly changing leaving one, awe- struck from time to time. The Golden Sands and not to mention the Lake just outside the Marystown is itself a breathtaking view.

The Golden Sand lake is composed of rivers of Salmon whose dimensions expanse to about four miles in diameter where the depth amounts to about three feet which then finally tapers to about two hundred feet. Water hiking is the much-liked sport since the bed of the lake which is sandy in nature supports this sort of activity. And this is exactly the reason that the place is brimming with people at all times.

As one drives pass the ‘loop’ around Berlin. There lies a small town by the name of St. Lawrence which is known to have produced the best of the soccer players among Canadians. There are ample of fluorspar reserves in this town of St. Lawrence which in due regard has led this place to the hikes of prosperity and growth. But this progress has also augmented the cases in cancers and other respiratory diseases where the large deposits of radon gas are to be blamed in mines. Since natural resources are the main source of affluence in this region, a museum has also been set up to give an insight of the life of a miner.

This region of burin is famous from a number of prospects. It is said that the year 1942 was a significant year in the Naval records of US. A slayer by the name of Truxton together with her ship was travelling in the night amidst a heavy snowfall. The crew detected a slight beam or light from a distance. The source of that light was a mine. These miners were later reported to have rescued the dead personnel from freezing to death. As a record around 185 pupil were rescued while around 200 could not be saved from the oil and ice of the shore.

There is also a point in Burin by the name of Point May from where one is able to locate France which happens to be about 1800 miles away. From there one can really watch holdings by France in North America in addition to the islands Miquelon and St. Pierre. This is all easily visible from the outskirts of the shore which itself can be reached via a ferry boat.

Lastly, there is a place by the name of Fortune which really is a fortune to the nature lovers out there. Being a great reserve of ecology it can only be reached by some of the dangerous pathways guiding the rocks from the cliff and slate which belongs to the fossils which themselves date back to 600 million years. A fossil dinosaur is also reputed to be residing there in addition to some worms which have made it their permanent abode.


The ancient town of Burin


Canada is one of the best places for tourists or for people who are looking for a vacation. There are a lot of places in Canada that can be visited. However, in most cities, there is a very low temperature in, both, summers and winters. One of the places is Burin which has a very low population rate. Burin has a population of less than 3000 people. Burin is a small town which lies in Burin Peninsula and is near the Placentia Bay. The Burin Peninsula is nicknamed ‘the boot’ as it looks like a shoe or a boot when seen on a map. On the map, the town of Burin is located at the bottom of the Burin Peninsula or near the ‘heel’ of it. The capital of St. John’s is located at an estimated distance of 315 kilometers from Burin.

The area began populating in the early 18th century. However, many people disagree as there were a large number of fishermen who were living in the town since the 17th century. The fishermen were originally from France and they explored the area of Burin.

In 1718, the town was full of fishermen and therefore, it was settled as a fishing community. It was also one of the busiest fishing places due to attractive location which was near the famous Burin harbor.  The town began to develop in the late 1950s and by 1970; the limit was further extended and new areas came under the town of Burin including little salmonier and salt pond.

The town’s economy was solely based on the fishing industry until the 1990s. The fishery products international industry also opened its plant in the town and is the biggest in Burin. The fishery plants were the major employers in the town and this is still the reason how many people are employed in the state. There has been an increase in the number of tourists which has shifted the economy from a fishing industry to a tourism industry. There are several museums as well which represent the early lifestyle in the 17th century in the town. The museums are widely visited and are of extreme importance to the town. There are also entertainment shows where local musicians and dancers perform and fireworks are the specialty of these shows. These beautiful fireworks are an attraction for the town. There are several motels as well and Bed and Breakfasts are located throughout Burin.

Education has increased in the town since 1990. The denominational schooling system was removed by the new integrated schooling. There are a large number of schools in the town. Burin also has several colleges which include Centrac College and Keyin College.

The area is also popular as there are a lot of sportsmen present in the town. There are several facilities available in the town including tennis courts, softball diamonds, soccer grounds, basketball courts. However, there are no proper swimming pools in the town and therefore, people usually swim in the fresh water lakes in Burin.

What Should You Know About Visiting Burin?


Canada is one of the many countries which are worth visiting, because of its small beautiful towns and its unique climate. The 2001 census showed that only 2470 people lived in Burin, a Canadian town located in the South East of the Burin Peninsula. Burin is a small town dated to the 18th century, when some French fishermen were exploring the Southern Canada, in order to discover new fishing ports. They settled in Burin and made out of it one of the most popular fishing areas from Canada. Even nowadays, people living in Burin depend on the fishing industry of their town.

Because there is almost always a cold, but unpredictable weather, you can find many local sports and places for entertainment, if you visit Burin. One of the sports performed in Burin is tennis. You can go to play tennis with your family or friends in many special places. There are many tennis courts in Burin, where if you go, you can play for free as long as you stay at the hotel that owns that tennis court. Being a Canadian town, Burin has many hockey and figure skating rinks where you can practice your favorite sports.

If you plan to visit this town, you must remember to take your passport with you, because it is required by the local authorities, in order to let you pass its borders. If you forget it home, you could be forced to go back to where you came, so it is important to have it with you.

Those who want to visit museums and art galleries can find them in Burin. This small Canadian town houses two big museums: Heritage House and Old Colony Trust. These cultural institutions are suitable for showing tourists what was life in Burin long time before tourism activities existed. There are many archeological evidences and written evidence that proves that the main activities in Burin, three centuries ago, were trading and fishing.

If you want to visit Burin, you have to put several types of clothes in your luggage, because in this town, the weather is unpredictable, much like in England, but much colder and wetter. If you take some warn sweaters and a waterproof jacket with you, you would be pleased. Also, if you want to play hockey, don’t buy special equipment! It will be given to you when you enter the hockey field. But if you want to go skating in Burin and you have at home one pair of skates, you must take it with you, so that you can save the money needed for leasing the skates.

If you think that visiting a small town like Burin can’t be a pleasant experience, you are wrong! Most times, small, but full of culture and tradition towns are the best destinations for tourists who want to spend more time outdoors, visiting cultural institution, but also for those eager for fun. Burin is the ideal town for young people who want to teach their children to skate or play some other winter sports.

Playing Poker in Canada and Some Things You Need to Know


You would think that since Canada is so close to the United States that they would play poker the same way. Is this true? You might never know. However, we have what you need to know if you are interested in playing poker in Canada.

There are many tournaments that are popping up in Canada for poker players to play. One of them was the Four Aces Card Club which was held in Montreal. This was played in April and was said to have been a hit success. This was the first one to be played. There were over two hundred and fifty players who came from the United States and Canada.

The way that this game is played is that the game is played no limit style. It is also played with a freeze out style using the rules of Texas Hold’em. When you go to play poker in these tournaments you will have to know how much you will have to pay for the buy in. For those playing in the above tournament, they had to pay one thousand five hundred dollars plus an extra one hundred and fifty dollars.

While other places tax you on the things you win whether it is the lotto or anything else. However you will find that things are a bit differently in Canada. What you will find is that they won’t tax you on the things you win when you earn big while playing poker in this country.

You do have to be careful as playing poker online in Canada is illegal. This is why you won’t find many sites. While it’s not in every part of Canada that it’s illegal, you can never be too safe or sorry. That is why you will learn that it is not advised to start an online gaming site in Canada for this reason.

There are some very well known Canadian poker players out there. If you are really interested in playing poker professionally in Canada, then you need to study from the best of them. Who are some of those people you might want to know? One of them is Randy Blumber. Another very professional Canadian poker player would be Isabelle Mercier. What you might like and could benefit from with Isabelle is that she has created her own DVD to teach others wanting to play professional Canadian poker how to do so and win. There are many more than these people where that came from.

As more people play this game in Canada, you will find that you will have to learn even more. It is estimated that this game is increasing in popularity. Now, you can see why. You can win a major amount of money if you know how to work the table and just what the rules are. This is why you should try and learn from those who have won and who are residents in Canada. Do your homework before you play in this country as you might have to learn a few tips or two at PlaySolidPoker.com.

Advantages of playing poker online


We live in an era of computers and the convenience it gives us. We use the Internet for various conveniences—buying games, clothes, merchandise and accessories. Even a game like poker can be played online, a decision which only helped increase its popularity because more people all over the world now had quick and easy access to it.

There are many advantages to playing online poker. They are:

Basic computer skills: Playing poker online does not call for any knowledge of complex computer skills. All you need to know is to manage your computer, mouse, how to open an Internet page and you’re ready to play. The most popular poker games are Texas hold’em, Razz, Omaha high, Five-card draw, Seven-card stud, Crazy Pineapple, Chinese poker, Deuce-to-seven and Double-flop Texas hold’em.

Variety and availability of games: There isn’t just one game of poker that’s available online—there are an infinite number of them that you can access 24/7. Whenever you choose to play, you’ll find other players waiting to begin play. Whether you want help with poker as a new player or you want access to different formats of poker such as ring or cash games, MTT tournaments and Sit-n-gos, or different games of poker such as Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Razz, etc., you can find them all at different poker sites online.

Quick and easy to play: Playing poker online at PartyPoker.com is both quick and easy and keeps boredom away. The rules of poker remain the same, no matter which game of poker you choose and are easy to locate on the site, should you need a reference.

Convenient and Comfortable: Play anywhere and at anytime. There are no restrictions on time and number of games you play. You determine the time of play and the number of hours you play. You don’t even have to stir out of home, so you don’t have the expense of traveling, hotel costs or any other costs that you would incur if you went to a brick and mortar casino.

Play simultaneously: At a brick and mortar casino, you can play only at one table or tournament at a time. But online, you can play at several tables simultaneously. Here, not only can you enjoy more of the action, but you get more hands and more playing experience too.

Review interesting hands: Playing online also gives you the chance to analyze betting patterns, to review new and interesting hands and check your past actions—actions that can improve your game. So, playing online poker becomes a great learning ground for players at all levels, particularly new players.

Poker statistical information: By playing online, you can also add precise software that displays and records poker statistics about your play. It can also archive each of your hands and present several review and analyses methods of your hands.

Not intimidating: A new player can find entering a casino and playing with experienced poker players very intimidating. However, this is fear is eliminated when he plays online poker.

Poker Tips To Earn You Money


One of the best reasons to play poker is the money associated with big time tournaments and cash games and the easy and free access to various poker websites only serves to boost this card game’s popularity in current times. With many card rooms offering Mac compatible software, more poker fans are flocking to online casinos to search latest poker bonuses, rakeback deals and improve gaming proficiency by adapting tactics used by professional poker stars sponsoring many of the top poker rooms in order to win big poker games.

However, novice poker players must understand that winning poker is not like playing a lottery and though it can be just as addictive and financially rewarding with minimal cost investments, winning consistently at poker comes from strategic application of disciplined, patient playing, guts, logic and luck. All these factors, except for the luck percentage, can be controlled by smart players to improve chances of raking all the chips on the poker table and earning more money than average players. Thus learning the rules of the game, knowing how to adapt pro strategies according to table situations and hands and following good poker habits are the key to earning money with poker.

It goes without saying that each strategy must be suited to the game played. So, if playing with an opponent who likes calling for bluff after bluff you find you are not comfortable playing this way, it can adversely affect your game; therefore it is advisable to quit the game rather than try to tweak your winning system because the opponent’s technique may not allow for this.

One also needs to build up confidence in one’s online poker strategy and master hiding personally advantageous tactics so the opponent doesn’t figure out whether you have a losing or winning hand. This means even if you hold a hand that can win you the full game, it is important to keep your cool and never display your true emotions or excitement.

Another thing that prevents many good players from earning money in poker games is discussing their playing strategy right after winning a hand, which is akin to boasting and giving away your success secrets.

Winning consistently and breaking even more often than enduring losses is largely dependant on training the mind to focus on long play techniques that allow you to patiently make a move and not get riled. Avoid hurried play or rising to any provocation at the poker table, like in heckling or untidy chip stashing by other players in a deliberate aggressive action to make you lose your composure.

Finally, remember only to bet with money that won’t cost you your peace of mind, that is money you can lose and not regret. Though cash games played online can help you win lots of money, it is important to build up experience, improve skills and develop some basic techniques that help you manage your finances well.

One Arrogant Son of a Gun


Maybe it was his producing that did it to him as Jamie Gold was in this industry before he became a professional poker player. Maybe it was something else. One thing that many will tell you about this poker player is that he is very arrogant, but that arrogance brought him something as he won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2006.

Born on August 25, 1969, Jamie Gold lived the American life. He was a television producer for quite some time. He was also a talent agent before that. This was when he decided maybe poker was his thing. The clients that he served were a long list. Some of them include: Lucy Liu, Felicity Huffman, and James Gandolfini. Many often wonder why he would cash in when he was working with actors and actresses such as these fine men and women. However, he did.

He said that he loved the game as he was taught at an early age. However, it wasn’t then that he learned what he needed to know. He had been taught by former World Series of Poker players: Johnny Chan and Chris Moneymaker. These two gentlemen were working with Gold to make a television show. It was Chan would go about and take this producer under his wing and his little mentee did well for his name as he went to California and started winning. His first win was more than fifty thousand dollars.

When he plays, he plays very aggressively. It’s almost controversial if this should be the way to play or not. He had a way to keep the pressure on all of his opponents. This was done by always placing bets and raises. In return, those playing against him would do one of two things. They would either fold or they would go about and put all their chips in. the goal was to slow him down, but this seldom worked. If they did raise against him, he would be said to know if you were bluffing or not. Not many people stood a chance against this man.

However, don’t think that this man didn’t have his troubles because he did. When he won the twelve million dollars, he was said to have promised half of this to his business associate. That business associate took him to court. He ended up settling but the press that was published about him was said to have really kicked him to the curb and leave a bad taste in your mouth if you uttered his name.

That wasn’t the only deal he was supposed to have made. He was supposed to have made a deal with people who work with the WSOP on ESPN and that never happened. However, while he was a bit distrustful in what he promised, we find that the way he plays this game lives on. Many will remember his aggressive manner and his arrogant ways as well which makes many think about him when they think of some well known people who have won at poker.

You can read more about Jamie Gold and other poker pros at it.playsolidpoker.com

Playing Texas Hold’em poker against highly skilled opponents


If you are quite fond of playing poker online, then there are chances that you would have to face quite a lot of different types of opponents. Some would be less skilled and some poker star players will be more than you. However, there can be various circumstances when you might have to face opponents that would be very tough than you are used to during your games. This could be when you decide to move up your stakes and chose the sites that attract more serious, professional players. In such cases, you might have to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Play with confidence

One of the tactics that you can use when playing against such competition is to use confidence. You should be quite confident in your skills and your ability. There are quite a lot of professionals that have become actual professionals because they play a very reasoned, tight aggressive style. Just because a player is a professional it does not have to mean that he would blow you out of the game with very huge raises or that he/she can read you very easily. A professional is only someone who has more experience playing poker and who makes right decisions most of the times when compared to you. However, if you are skilled and you play your best, then there is nothing for you to worry about.

Short stacking

If you have been worrying about getting kicked out by the opponents in a Texas no limit game, then you may want to think about short stacking. Basically, short stacking is buying into a game for the minimum amount or for a very short amount. There are quite a lot of sharks at such games that are looking for bad players and whales that would be willing to throw their money at them easily. Usually, these players would forget about small stacks and would concentrate on opponents that have a bigger stack. These players are interested in accumulating as much money as possible and as fast as possible. When they would see that you have a shorter stack, they would leave you alone and look for someone else.

Moving down

There are quite a lot of ways in which you can actually beat tougher competition in Texas Hold’em download poker. However, if you feel that the game is a little too difficult for you, then there is no shame in moving on. Sometimes, the wisest decision in poker is to know when to get up and leave the game. Rather than loosing a lot of your money, it may be wise to just get up and move to an easier table. After all, most players play poker with the aim of winning as much money as possible and for that reason you may want to move to other table where there would be weaker opponents.

Handling stronger opponents in poker is actually not very difficult if you are confident about your game and use good strategies.

Selecting between online poker and casino poker


Players who are planning to be a serious long term poker player would have to first think carefully about the venue they choose for playing. The enjoyment of the game as well as the bankroll would be affected by this decision. The two main choices that every player would have today are the online poker sites and the land cased casinos. Each of these has its own pros and cons and choosing one will generally depend on a lot of different factors.

Online poker

The popularity of online poker has increased rapidly in the last few years because of the convenience that they offer. There are numerous online casinos today that offer a wide number of poker variations. However, in order to know if this would be the right choice for you or not, you would have to think about its pros and cons.

Pros and cons of online poker

One of the best things about online poker is that you would have the convenience of playing poker from your own home at any time that you want. There would be a game available whenever you feel like playing. Another advantage is that online poker would offer you a wide range of options and a large number of variations. You would also be able to any stakes that you want. If you are new to the game, you can start with the lowest possible stakes and if you want some excitement, there are several games to download with very high stakes. Also, the online sites keep their games moving quickly so you would be able to improve your play by playing a large number of hands in a very short amount of time.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of playing online poker is that it can be very addictive. The players online can also be a victim of cheating and the online cheating methods are harder to detect and catch. Also, since the online games are faster, the new players would often lose their bankroll very fast.

Casino poker

Casinos offer a complete experience to players and are the traditional venue for enjoying a good game of poker. Given below are the pros and cons of casino poker.

Pros and cons of casino poker

The casinos offer a comfortable venue for playing poker and players are generally treated well so that the casinos can get their regular business. The games are run by professionals and so the players can expect excellent service. The entire experience that a casino provides when playing poker is exciting and it cannot really be duplicated by an online casino.

However, there are also quite a lot of disadvantages of playing poker at a casino. The first disadvantage is that casino poker can be very expensive. There would be a rake or a pot percentage that the casino would charge. There are also the tips that have to be paid to servers and dealers which can add up to a lot. Playing at casinos is also not very convenient since the games would not be available whenever you want them.